Readme five years Black History the United States consumers are also tired of the past five

[Abstract] black five 600 billion dollars, let Tmall double eleven 57 billion 100 million seem to be cast into the shade. Thus, on the other side of the ocean, the U.S. retail market also depends on the big push to drive, cheap is the eternal theme of retail.

But compared with the domestic

, the deluge of media reports, "black five" real American consumers do not seem to be so enthusiastic. At least in the billion state power network in the United States edit string eyes, after five years of black Friday, in the business of the big promotion front has been flat and uninteresting. read more

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SF official said at the end of the year was traced to a large number of layoffs and elimination

[Abstract] although China’s express delivery has soared to 20 billion / year, the next year’s industry is very uncertain.


technology news (Le Tian) December 28th news, many industry insiders broke the news, SF express recently launched a large number of layoffs. This is president Wang Wei Ren Shunfeng personally BG SF express, fifth times to start layoffs.

SF public affairs Chen Huan said that SF no layoffs, the company’s business after the end of the assessment based on out, does not involve the front-line staff, in the hope that the rapid development of the company, to remind the staff to strengthen self-discipline, to keep up with the enterprise reform ideas, keep pace. read more

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The problem of network trust in e-commerce transactions

at present, the rapid development of e-commerce in the world, online shopping is gradually accepted by the public. In our country, the development of e-commerce is lagging behind compared with the developed countries, but it will also be in the next few years. All of these provide unlimited opportunities for e-commerce enterprises. However, the traditional marketing theory can not explain the behavior of consumers on the internet. Compared with the traditional retail, the advantage of online business activities lies in the information communication, it can instantly and dynamically update the information about the types of goods, price, distribution, etc.. But it also has its disadvantages: both parties are separated by thousands of miles, did not understand each other, not face-to-face transactions, customers can not directly touch the trial of goods etc.. This disadvantage can easily lead to distrust of online business activities. This makes trust become the key factor to determine the success or failure of e-commerce, so how to obtain and maintain the trust of customers, establish a good network reputation is the key to the success of e-commerce. read more

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2011 China footwear B2C year-end point

at the end of December, Analysys International released "UV" monitoring report, the main B2C Chinese footwear manufacturers in October data show: October China footwear website overall traffic decline, ranked in the top two, is still the music Amoy and good music to buy, followed by the excellent shopping network, making shoes, street network, cool sports shoes, Amoy net and the library name shoes, pattern did not change much.


also released in the month of March footwear business vertical access number list, to Amoy and buy music as the representative of the electricity supplier to occupy the top two, and Fujian business representative making shoes, veoshoesshoes and Amoy shoes Network occupies the first 345 seating, West Street Network and cool movement column seventh and ninth, and the excellent shopping network was not born. read more

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My domain name is not the domain name to leave the site

as a result of yesterday’s article to the domain name novice, you will not lose money to invest in the domain name! "Caused a lot of friends’ attention, QQ news has not stopped today. Some came to ask me a few dollars worth of domain names, there are "rice" to find me to collect rice, and even more to find my cooperation.

      I say, I am not a so-called professional rice farmers, the hands of the domain name is less than 10! Do not know how to evaluate the value of the domain name, if I really had to do a professional assessment to assess the value of network domain name, why then sell a 100 yuan or just spend 50 domain name domain name renewal! read more

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The right to regret into the consumer protection law integrity first, win-win

The draft amendment

April 23rd "consumer protection law", "the right to regret" intends to enter the "consumer protection law" the news instantly triggered hot discussion in the electricity industry and the whole business environment. 366ec Xiaobian take you into a lively.

regret the right to protect the consumer, hit the confidence of businesses

[draft] operators sell commodities on the Internet, television, telephone, mail order, consumers have the right to return within seven days from the date of receipt of goods, but according to the commodity nature should not be returned except. The business operator shall, within seven days from the date of receipt of the returned goods, return the price paid by the consumer. read more

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Online shopping 10 matters needing attention – to be a smart buyer

online shopping 10 note – to be a smart buyer!

1 credit problems, the store is not the only criteria to determine the quality of the seller, especially in the brush credit today.

2 quality problems, seeing is believing, the picture is usually directly determine the product quality standard, therefore, ask whether the real picture before the next single, in order to avoid the wrong version of goods.

3 price problem, for the relatively strong seasonal goods, in the end of the season when the shots, there will be unexpected harvest, money is the last word! read more

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Taobao mall and Juhuasuan have been questioned insider trading spread nameless good

December 27th, Alibaba website related news shows that Alibaba and Taobao will push the new platform in January 2011, good name, the platform will be honest members of the Alibaba. January 6, 2011, after the unknown good products on the line, was questioned and opposed to a voice.

Taobao again squeeze small sellers

I found that Taobao alleged good little finger squeeze small sellers, the news and news flooded the network, Taobao pessimism in the continuous spread. I believe that this sentiment comes from Taobao’s unfair, as well as insider trading insider questioned. There are indications that Taobao does exist false and dishonest behavior. read more

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On the road how to combine e-commerce business to open up the market Home Furnishing building materi

as a real estate downstream industries Home Furnishing building materials industry, the second half of 2010, Shenzhen Home Furnishing building materials market downturn, when we’re talking about this industry, to focus on the real estate market, Shenzhen in November is the implementation of the purchase order for second months, the market game dark wave surging, the property market has changed the pattern of there, in the wind under the strict policy, the Shenzhen real estate market through automatic adjustment shows some distinctive features. read more

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Dangdang released 2014 earnings 4 years after the listing of the first profitable

NetEase technology news March 31st, Dangdang today released the fourth quarter of 2014 and full year earnings. Reported that the first four years after listing Dangdang earnings, net profit of $88 million 120 thousand, up losses of $230 million.

According to the results of

last year, Dangdang net revenues of 7 billion 960 million yuan, investment platform sales soared 77% to exceed 6 billion 600 million yuan, total revenue reached 14 billion 200 million yuan (GMV), and self book sales proportion dropped to 35%, to achieve a comprehensive transition to an integrated electricity supplier. read more

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