Webmaster how to look at the black hat Shanghai Dragon

said the black hat Shanghai dragon we are not unfamiliar, often heard people talk at Shanghai black dragon, what did he mean? Is in the search engine optimization industry, some do not accord with search engine optimization techniques, the optimization method is Shanghai dragon hand cheating, be called black hat Shanghai dragon. The first impression to the people is often the site has been blocked, punish a series of bad impression, but anything we want to One divides into two. to look, not a stick killed, said that our webmaster friends to treat the black hat Shanghai dragon with a kind of what kind of attitude? read more

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Understand love Shanghai word make the page keyword layout

, the search engine Google, love Shanghai in Chinese segmentation technology are more mature, it is no wonder that people will have such a slogan, "love Shanghai more understand Chinese

can see very clear, "search engine optimization" is used as a word is recorded in the snapshot.

word segmentation technology, which is se a sentence given it into one or more phrases as one of the indispensable grab a web page information after preprocessing steps in accordance with certain rules will. A very simple example, "mobile phone online shopping will be divided into" Se "online shopping" "mobile phone" two words. read more

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28 Shanghai Dragon Lake lost.

Sina micro-blog @ Li Yanmin arena lost

in twenty-first Century, with the popularity of the Internet, the application of the Internet has covered about ninety percent of the industry. Among them, the private enterprises can force China lakes on the internet. The portal has become an indispensable part of the enterprise in the construction site, as a tool for new competition in the industry. Today, the competition between enterprises in reality is very cruel, the enterprise network has become increasingly fierce competition. So, how can businesses in the Internet arena Chinese talent shows itself a sudden change in the situation? How can the enterprise website as read more

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n the face of difficult articles included we should pay more attention to the details

(three) of the chain.

(two) the layout problem of the.

we all know, the search engine spiders favorite is undoubtedly the original content, and the content of the collection in the current Internet is undoubtedly the garbage, no appeal to the search engine, so the collection of web content is usually not included, so do the content of the site itself is very important. I to the analysis of a few specific details:

(a) the quality problem.

with this year’s love Shanghai algorithm for continuous improvement, adjustment, I believe many people will find the website content their own websites or friends will be search engine included, what causes it? I believe that most owners are confused, what is the result of the seconds before He Yuan, now not in love is search engine included, so today Xiaobian specially analyzes some reasons to share to you, hope to help you master. read more

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nternal links nofollow weight distribution control


Nofollow launched the Matt Cutts attribute, said many times, nofollow can be used in the forum, blog and other messages, on behalf of these links is not webmaster can control and endorsement, can also be used in some internal links, in order to control the internal link weight and PR flow and the distribution of the objective.

also said a few days ago, with nofollow and PR flow control link is a myth, a search engine cheat too, because the show to the user and search engine is not the same, is to consider the design of the website structure improve website internal link efficiency, instead of using nofollow tags. read more

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A5 dry cargo sharing URL link importance evaluation website

B, URL: URL link link content is usually based on the channel, for example: 贵族宝贝abc贵族宝贝/ka/de/1.html some websites wrong made for example: this type of 贵族宝贝abc贵族宝贝/1.html.

static link: every link is generated at the server, save server advantages: after the formation of "pressure", if the large amount of data, traffic peak, to deal with them will be more smooth. The disadvantages are: if changes to the program template, then do the re generation of all pages, and pseudo static but much simpler. read more

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Case analysis of love of Shanghai K station to restore the whole process of recording


the above two points, probably this is the cause of the K, here I remind you, in fact, are more or less before K signs, expression is obvious snapshot retention and IIS log. In early August, the company website appeared, the snapshot serious case of stranded, they are updated every day, but the page snapshot update is not timely. IIS log in mark return status. He returned to the 20000 is normal, if a return 200064, marked 64 words, then you have to be careful.

after 23 K, I take is to shield the love of spiders, Shanghai station the investigation. read more

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7 ways for lean startups to develop great productsTraining is more important than Wangzhuan Wangzhua

?Thinking is more important than !

not to work behind closed doors, to support product design by collecting data. Specifically, go out and find potential customers for your product and communicate with them to find the answer to the problem. You may have heard it a hundred times, and you have accepted it, but it’s not easy to really make it a habit.

2. customer interviews

Wangzhuan process to learn to avoid weaknesses

how to break the bottleneck of Wangzhuan income, the key is to look at your Wangzhuan ideas, for many Wangzhuan project, much of it in theory is feasible, but the real operation is very difficult to succeed, you will always be out of line, and the line is only the hard life! And you are facing in line the competition, such as a century ago in the United States, Seattle set off a gold rush, many people want to make money by stampede in, gold, which Livy is also a keen member, but in hard dry for several months, found himself or nothing, because once overheard the workers said their pants because the mining stone can easily lead to damage, he had an idea, why not do canvas pants? So the first jeans was born, has evolved into the This kind of jeans, pants in a short time quickly became popular in the United States, Livy made a lot of money in a very short time, visible thinking is always more important than the read more

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A short period of time can achieve the home page keywords saying you believe

so, every one of our regular website construction, we must remain sober minded about this behavior, comply with the principle of search engine optimization, regardless of any one of the words, never promises 1 days in two days.

generally speaking, although each search engine technology is relatively perfect, but there are still some loopholes, and those illegal Shanghai dragon is the use of these vulnerabilities to rapidly improve the keywords ranking. For example, before there is a love called Shanghai defibrillator technology is through the simulation of a large number of click on the page to mislead search engines to get good rankings in a short period of time. There is the use of means of cheating stations or brush chain, domain jump etc.. The Shanghai dragon specialized personnel by cheating those owners don’t understand about this, they must ask you to do after the payment must be made in the key words, because they are worried that once the search engines react on the website of punishment, and if the site by the hazards, it is difficult for them to get the money, so they never long term commitment to keep your website ranking are kept at home, because they know that, soon after the site will be punished, but this time we have to get the money away, and you as the site of the station will only regret. read more

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