used meager promotion Taobao off site

using low to promote our website. First a primary factor is your small audience more. How to get more meager audience this is about to see your own hair meager diligence degrees. Of course, the audience also have small quality, take the small Tencent, you want to get a very high audience is actually very simple, is frequently to send to each other to thin, very quickly so you can get more audience, but so for the quality of the audience is very good.

in the small Tencent have many kinds of people get the audience is very high, they are generally published some classic quotes, jokes, and some beautiful pictures, funny pictures and so on, these people are often in small, so that people get the audience generally a lot, and the audience are well, listen to them are spontaneous. So these people can then start to promote their website. read more

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Keywords the matching principle should pay attention to what

this is because when we search for love Shanghai know the word search engine will make intelligent recognition is to describe love Shanghai know call out the keyword description, when we directly search words describe there could be described with the baidu keyword, this is the search engine intelligent extraction content and search keyword matching.

if we do not have this title and keywords our content in the words he would still have the keyword ranking, because search engine to extract the key words according to our content, and will conduct intelligent matching according to user search keywords. For example: we love Shanghai know the search keywords, see love Shanghai know this description as shown in figure read more

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Love Shanghai right down inquiry and diagnosis and recovery

web site optimization theory, the search engine ranking should be rising. But up to a certain extent may be stagnant or even retrogress. Then don’t doubt their own website optimization method or technical problems. Look at the competition site, perhaps your site in the article, the quality of the chain, the chain, the site scale is better than others, or they do optimization technology. It does not mean that the ranking drop down right. If all of a sudden from the first page to the 10 page or even not to search, this is right down. read more

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The three level optimization of long tail keywords

three way choice and there is no uniform standard, Shanghai Longfeng development and.

value type

long tail keywords is a word often appear in our mind, now more and more on the Internet on the long tail keywords, today I combined with a little of his own experience to talk about small station to do long tail keywords optimization of three kind of state, are the common type, value type, type, level three different industries and types from different angles interpretation of attention and optimization of long tail keywords. I hope after reading this article, the station will have experience. read more

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Love is the highest realm of Shanghai auction maximum benefits

1 love Shanghai for every cache, updated every half an hour, we can use this to slightly adjust their bids, don’t underestimate the details, it is because of this little trick, I spend in the "down" this keyword is less money very much.

The two day

know the significance of bidding: many webmaster friends think bidding must bring good turnover rate, because the ranking means traffic, and traffic means trading. In fact, this idea was completely mistaken, most of the time, mainly on the basis of the bidding result isn’t convincing many friends, and website service quality is the basis of their choice. So when we make a landing page to be very careful, not always a landing page to your home page, this effect is not obvious, so at this point, we should pay attention to the following: read more

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Master these core elements of your keywords ranking easily on the front page!

2, then we can consider about search problems, select keywords, we must first ensure that the selected word has a certain amount of search, otherwise it has no meaning if it will not be deployed, so select the keywords at the same time in the early stage, the search volume is a very important reference value, which will be directly related to search the site keywords and post flow problem, so the search volume level, will be a key reference value.

1, first to emphasize the question is about the competition site keywords, choose keywords at the beginning at the same time, the actual situation need to closely fit the site, select the scope of a clear understanding of site location and keywords, if selected keywords competition is too large, so in the latter part of the web site optimization process will be very difficult, if it is small business or personal site, need to know the size of the site so as to select keywords within a certain range, if the control is not good keywords competition degree, then the optimization work in the late may spend a lot of manpower and resources, but still cannot reach the expected effect, it is recommended to use in the early stage of the competition is relatively small the words were deployed in large step by step, this will make the site a buffering process, avoid competition through By optimization of the poor effect of the phenomenon. read more

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Do not frustrated Shanghai dragon lies in your mind

is the backbone of the majority of the workers. There has been a large number of people have heard of Shanghai dragon, and also know more or less the Shanghai dragon. Perhaps itself is a computer professional background, so the work when to apply this job to do things in the company inside, the biggest advantage is to expand their horizons, contact a lot of things are not alone contact also contacts. The knowledge accumulated slowly, at this time, I want to do the biggest future Shanghai dragon two, has been specially designed for technology, not to mention the Shanghai dragon second is not what technology; thinking strategy, to a certain extent can try their own solo. read more

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Search engine optimization strategy (eight) website structure optimization

is a friendly website structure not only browse the user, the user can easily find the required content. The more important is that it can improve the site overall weight, make the optimization of search engine. Reasonable optimization to page structure, you know the weight division to the search engine more clear, and more easy to grab the page content index, and from the overall judgment on the core theme of your site. So the site in the search engine optimization undoubtedly occupies an important position, how to optimize this paper do the following discussion: read more

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Four aspects of quality web links

Author: Wang Shenggong original reprint please! From white-collar wolfberry 贵族宝贝gouqi.zhineikaixin贵族宝贝


: first the reverse link do not explicitly tell the search engine nofollow

page refresh rate


link! !The

what is the Internet? Interpersonal network, whether we often mentioned or the Internet, are in need of a node elements involved, interpersonal network is the Internet, is the computer! We have the network for example, the network popular saying that the interpersonal relationship, if I know Zhang and Zhang three. Three know Li four, Li Si know a lot of XX, so we can also obtain intangible relationship and a lot of it XX! Actually website Links also have such effect, when many of us have noticed, but little action, we see what kind of link is high quality friendship read more

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Stable website ranking


in website optimization, website program should set some simple. This will facilitate the search engine spider crawling, web content can timely spider crawl, so that we can guarantee the website included rate, stable website ranking. Do Shanghai website Longfeng, website program is the best use of the static, can better reflect the effect of optimization.

want to be successful in Shanghai dragon in this industry, individuals must have good execution. The optimization of the site there is a basic outline, and then follow the steps slowly to optimize. read more

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