How to increase the effective web page included lifting weight ranking!

The current provisions of


reduced web page similarity

2, for the site of the station without value page or shielding does not transfer the weight of

I think we all know the website page included the increase can increase the weight of the website, which prompted the site keywords ranking, but I was on this point there are a lot of questions: why do some enterprise website love Shanghai included a thousand million, on the page, but why not good ranking? And these included the amount of their good site weight and ranking has not included hundreds of pages of the website so good! Today my own analysis and summary and share: read more

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we put the mall, not a single sale, but the use of membership sales.

the first step: looking for replicable, profitable goods,

one. Specific operation flow

third step: set up the mall system, the concept of packaging

Study on the

to the Internet to choose a suitable free mall system, we buy the software to sort out, and then put on. Pay attention to the following tasks before starting sales,

3. Website reputation is very important, the site should have a fixed contact, photos of goods, pictures, there should be. read more

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